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Supporting families
in Northamptonshire

We provide free, accessible and non-judgemental support, to those affected by another's substance misuse throughout Northamptonshire.

Parents under Pressure

New Project

We have recently secured funding for us to deliver the Parents under Pressure (PuP) programme for across Northamptonshire.

We have employed 2 new workers to work on this exciting project.

Kelly Purcell

The focus of the PuP programme is to support the development of a safe and nurturing relationship between a primary carer(s) and infant/s or young child/ren.

It is an early intervention programme tailored to each family's need according to the initial assessment and exploration of their particular circumstances and can be helpful for parents who are non-resident with their child(ren) as well as for parents in a primary caring role. and we then set out on a 'PuP' journey together.

We will help our clients build on their confidence in themselves as a parent, using our resources, modules, and mindful techniques to promote growth and confidence and help achieve their goals.

We will support families to become a stronger, more stable, and nurturing unit in which both parents and children thrive.

We currently accept referrals for 1-1 work from the drug and treatment service in Northamptonshire (CGL/S2S). We also run a PuP group at "The Bridge", for it's members. This is to ensure that the person is receiving parallel support from treatment services. If you are interested in either the 1-1 or group work please speak to your worker at either CGL/S2S or The Bridge who will make the referral to PuP for you.

Referral criteria :-

  • Primary carers of children aged 2 to 8 years
  • In regular contact with the child/children (Regular contact is defined as at least once a month)
  • Currently in treatment for drugs or alcohol misuse with S2S/CGL
  • Able to understand spoken English

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