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Supporting families
in Northamptonshire

We provide free, accessible and non-judgemental support, to those affected by another's substance misuse throughout Northamptonshire.

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

Family Support Link maintains a steadfast commitment against modern slavery. We actively pursue ethical and integrity-driven practices in all our engagements to ensure the absence of modern slavery within Family Support Link and throughout our supply chains.

We expect all members of our organization, including those in our supply chain, to be familiar with recognizing modern slavery and to be aware of the proper reporting channels. Any instances of suspected modern slavery will be subject to investigation, and if deemed necessary, will be reported to both the police and the Charity Commission.

We consider a modern slavery statement as a crucial component of the implementation of our mission, vision and values. Although not mandated by current regulations, we have chosen to voluntarily adopt and annually update such a statement on our website, underscoring our proactive commitment to transparency and ethical conduct.

Organisation structure and supply chain

Family Support Link is a small charity with 10 employees. We support families affected by drug or alcohol use, and are governed by our articles of association and a board of trustees who volunteer their time to help direct our work: they oversee the chief executive officer who manages the charity.

Family Support Link uses a number of suppliers to enable us to carry out our activity, including suppliers related to:

  • The supply and maintenance of the office spaces and office equipment
  • IT systems and safety equipment
  • Professional support contracts
  • Marketing and press
  • Partner organisations connected with projects

Family Support Link carries out employment checks, including making sure that potential employees have the right to work for us, and we pay at least the Living Wage. We do not use recruitment agencies to fill temporary roles. We use volunteers in our work, but have a clear differentiation between staff and volunteer roles, expectations and responsibilities.

Strategy for addressing the risk of modern slavery

Family Support Link considers the predominant risk of modern slavery to be related to our supply chain. We’ll never knowingly support or do business with organisations in any way connected with slavery, human trafficking or child labour.

Our supply chain is predominantly UK based and are expected to meet their obligations under the Modern Slavery Act, and to comply with relevant policies and procedures. We take a risk-based approach to purchasing, applying increased levels of scrutiny to high-risk supply categories such as goods or services sourced from overseas, with whom we will undertake due diligence checks to ensure they fulfil similar requirements to the UK legislation.

We recognise that it is not always possible for us to have a close relationship with all parties in a supply chain, and acknowledge the limitations that we face as a small charity in our ability to scrutinise the policies, procedures and controls demonstrated by our direct suppliers. However, we are committed to implementing changes in our approach to procurement to minimise the risks within our supply chain wherever possible.

As a small charity working with vulnerable clients, it is also essential to us that our staff receive training on modern slavery and human trafficking, and we have implemented compulsory training for all staff. All staff are encouraged to raise concerns with the managerial team about any issue regarding modern slavery in any part of our business at the earliest possible stage, and report any breaches or suspicion of breaches likewise.

Responsibility for delivering our next steps sits with the Senior Management Team, overseen by the Chief Executive Officer.

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