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Supporting families
in Northamptonshire

We provide free, accessible and non-judgemental support, to those affected by another's substance misuse throughout Northamptonshire.

Client Contract Form

Family Support Links mission is to provide accessible and non-judgemental support, to those affected by another’s substance misuse throughout Northamptonshire.

This client contract is to provide a clear overview of our service remits and our commitments to confidentiality and explains instances when it may be necessary to break this confidentiality.

What we can do :-

  • Offer you free and confidential support and information
  • Give you information about services that may help you
  • Help you access these services
  • Act as an Advocate (speak to people on your behalf)
  • Go with you if required to courts, police and other agencies

What we cannot do :-

  • Provide financial support
  • Accept Personal Gifts or payment from you
  • Become involved in anything we believe is dangerous, illegal or oppressive

Your information :-

We only collect the information we need to offer our services and do our work. We are completely committed to protecting your data and privacy, and pride ourselves in taking great care to ensure that it stays completely safe. As part of our work, we need to collect and process personal data about you. This helps to ensure that you receive the best possible support. The record may be written down (Manual records) or held on a computer (electronic record).

For services we deliver that are commissioned by West Northamptonshire Council (On Behalf of North Northamptonshire Council) we are required to collect data about you, the services you receive and your outcomes on the Northamptonshire treatment system. This data is stored in accordance with their Retention polices.

For further information please contact: the Data protection officer at West Northamptonshire Council:

Telephone: 0300 126 7000


By post:

Data Protection Officer
One Angel Square
Angel Street

I agree to my data being held by Northamptonshire Treatment Services and processed by West Northamptonshire Council (On behalf of North Northamptonshire Council).

All Staff/ volunteers and clients of Family Support Link are bound by and work in accordance with Data Protection legislation.

We may hold some of your information in paper and electronic files in addition to the information held on the Northamptonshire Treatment system. We will not share this information with anyone without your permission except in exceptional circumstances and in accordance with safeguarding and the Law of United Kingdom.

Examples of this may be :-

  • Where the life of a person is at risk
  • Where we are summoned by a court of law to give evidence
  • Where providing information to the police is required in connection with the prevention or the detection of a serious crime
  • Where an act of potential or actual terrorism is involved
  • Where there is a safeguarding concern, including physical, emotional or sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, domestic violence or neglect

Before breaking confidentiality, a full discussion must take place between a senior member of the group and the member of FSL staff/volunteer.


We always aim to provide a high standard across all of our services. Our clients’ views are important to us and help to ensure our services are consistently meeting people’s needs and our services’ mission. If you are unhappy with any of our services, it is important that you let us know.

We aim to handle complaints quickly, effectively and in a fair and honest way. We take all complaints seriously and use valuable information from investigating to help us improve the services we provide. We treat all complaints in confidence.

We have a formal complaint procedure, and your support worker can provide you with a copy at your request. You can also request a copy by contacting our office on 01933 227078 and asking to speak to a manager or emailing


Family Support Link and its representatives will always act in a professional manner towards you, and we ask the same of our clients. Family Support Link will not tolerate abusive or inappropriate behaviour towards our staff/volunteers/representatives. We will act if we believe that our staff/volunteers/representatives have been subjected to physical or verbal abuse and these incidents will be reported to the Police and may mean that we are no longer able to support you.


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